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Since 2007, AHI has been supporting SEWA Bank and the Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT) to create and grow SEWA GrihRin (SGR), a housing finance company dedicated exclusively to developing and delivering affordable financial products for low-income, informally employed women and their families across urban India. Financial exclusion from formal mortgage markets and the high costs of borrowing from informal money lenders has driven many urban poor residents to under invest in their housing and live in sub-standard housing. SEWA GrihRin provides an affordable alternative to housing finance, helping households finance incremental home improvements, even in areas of weak land title. As SEWA’s business and financial advisor, we completed a detailed business plan for SEWA GrihRin which includes financial projections, loan product design and community-based delivery methods. We provide on-going pro bono support to SEWA to assist them get the housing finance company licensed and raise capital.

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