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Rehousing Ukraine Initiative

Housing is the key to Ukraine’s recovery.

Funding for rehousing is a prerequisite for a speedy, strong, and modern recovery. Workers need decent homes as a base for rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure and restarting the economy. Heroes and citizens need decent homes so they can restart their communities’ lives and reinforce Ukraine’s democracy.

About the Rehousing Ukraine Initiative

Thinking and acting forward as part of Ukraine’s rebound

The Rehousing Ukraine Initiative is the brainchild of AHI CEO David Smith, and Derek Long, a veteran of UK’s national housing programmes based in Rainhill, the birthplace of railways. What started as a series of conferences has evolved and is now aiming to provide timely and implementable advise to the government of Ukraine to ease the rebuilding and recovery of the country after the war.

Housing is the key. Decent, affordable housing can be the foundation for a faster economic and social recovery, and the springboard for a resurgent and modern Ukraine.

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Rehousing Ukraine Virtual Conference Series

In June 2022, AHI in collaboration with Ukrainian law firm, INTEGRITES and the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute kickstarted the Rehousing Ukraine Initiative with a series of virtual conferences. The conferences brought together Ukrainian and global experts in housing, urban planning, finance and post-conflict relief and recovery to discuss the challenges and opportunities that Ukraine’s post-conflict housing reconstruction will bring.

Revisit the panels with recordings, speaker profiles and presentations.

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Rehousing Ukraine Resource Hub

To raise awareness about the situation Ukrainians are facing, we have curated a number of resources that give more insight on the past, present and future of housing in Ukraine.

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Your donation will help us to continue to focus on helping Ukraine house internally displaced persons as well as those who have had to seek refuge to other countries because of the Russian invasion.
At least 50% of all funds received will go to our team of Ukrainian experts.


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