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On behalf of the World Bank and for the benefit of the Government of Iraq (GoI), AHI prepared a green paper on the provision of affordable housing through public-private partnerships (PPPs). AHI presented the PPP Green Paper and actively participated in and facilitated a “Turkey-Iraq Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Affordable Housing Provision through Public-Private Partnerships”. The PPP Green Paper studied and evaluated experiences (both good and bad) with PPPs in comparable countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa). The project had a dual focus: (i) facilitating knowledge exchange in the public provision of affordable housing, drawing on the World Bank’s expertise in this domain, and learning from best practices and international experiences of successes and failures, and (ii) developing and strengthening the public sector’s capacity to initiate, carry out, and monitor PPPs for the provision of sustainable quality affordable housing throughout Iraq.
Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash

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