Shweta Sundar

Research Project Manager

Shweta has resided in multiple cities across India such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Lucknow. Living in a highly dense and unequal built environments has rooted her interests and practice of architecture and urban planning in spatial justice and equity. Her past experience includes working with National Disaster Management Authority on post-disaster temporary shelter policies, conducting mason training programs, researching economic and socio-spatial issues in Mumbai’s informal settlements, technical capacity building for rural housing finance customers, and designing learning centres in the tribal regions of Gujarat. Her work has been linked to various forms of housing provision and development, which she continues to explore in various contexts around the world. At AHI, Shweta has been involved with developing affordable housing programs and housing PPP models in Kyrgyzstan, Vanuatu, and Uganda.

Shweta graduated as an architect from School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi, and completed her Master of Urban and Regional Planning at University of California, Los Angeles. For her capstone project, Shweta explored policy options to support housing production and density in high opportunities and exclusionary neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

She speaks Hindi, English and Tamil proficiently. Outside of AHI, she enjoys running, playing badminton, and painting watercolors.

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