Davina Wood

Vice President

Davina Wood joined AHI in 2018 and now serves as the firm’s Vice President. Davina specializes in affordable housing finance, management, and strategy in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the United States. In addition to her day-to-day leadership and mentoring of the team, Davina frequently runs international consulting projects and is involved in AHI’s LIHTC transaction valuation work as well. Davina’s work is driven by her desire to apply her 12 years of experience in the financial sector to emerging affordable housing markets in complex contexts.

While at AHI, she has led various projects, including a market study and sales feasibility analysis for a private sector developer seeking to build Senegal’s largest affordable housing development. She recently completed an affordable housing PPP pre-feasibility assessment for the IFC in the Solomon Islands and is currently working on developing housing finance solutions for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Renewal in Jamaica.

Davina has considerable experience in Ethiopia, having drafted a report on long term finance in Ethiopia for AfDB and GIZ, and having completed a project with the World Bank in Ethiopia, where the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing requested the World Bank’s assistance with land management and housing delivery. She also participated in an additional, follow-on project to identify sustainable solutions for the provision of housing for the country’s Industrial Parks.

Prior to AHI, she worked at JPMorgan’s Community Development Bank, where she underwrote debt on LIHTC projects and managed a portfolio of construction and permanent loans.

Davina holds an MIA in International Finance and Monetary Theory from Columbia University and a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and proficient in French. When she isn’t working, Davina enjoys life in the English countryside with her husband and two small children.

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