Campbell Mayer

Senior Project Manager

Campbell Mayer is an innovative housing practitioner with relentless passion for addressing the affordable housing crisis in challenging emerging markets. He began confronting housing equity and affordability as an architect in Colorado, planning and developing worker housing as a P.U.D. of the last platted community in the Eagle River corridor. In Central America, Campbell coordinated H4H projects and managed crews building biogas digesters in rural farming communities.

Campbell was the first male hired into a women’s empowerment NGO based in Kampala, Uganda where he began a community collaboration process that led to the acquisition of land, master planning, construction and operation of a 147unit multi-ethnic village over a 4year period that boosted the number of women land owners in the country. After a successful project in Uganda, but failing to upscale the NGO housing model, Campbell attended MIT’s DUSP program where he adapted social entrepreneurship skills into launching a for-profit housing development and advisory company based in Accra, Ghana.

While at MIT, Campbell co-founded a field learning laboratory for poverty economics in collaboration with MIT’s Center for Real Estate and institutions in Durban, South Africa to research informal value creation and empower community entrepreneurship initiatives. For more than a decade, Campbell created development partnerships with local developers and initiated new development strategies to capture value in market opportunities as well as creating solutions to address market failures. The successes and failures Campbell experienced in Africa led to his focus on consultancy and capacity building with local housing developers to create stable conditions for offshore investments that upscale the delivery of affordable housing.

Campbell joined AHI as a Senior Project Manager to advance smart and viable pathways to upscaling affordable housing solutions in emerging markets across the Earth.

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