Amna Pervaiz


Amna Pervaiz’s journey at AHI began as an Academic Intern, leading her to her current role as an Analyst. In this capacity, she contributes to AHI’s efforts by conducting research, analyzing the housing value chain and assessing housing markets, engaging with stakeholders, and providing impactful consulting services.

Amna’s commitment to housing as a fundamental right stems from her experiences witnessing urban socioeconomic inequities, lack of access to housing services, and the absence of essential care that worsens living conditions for vulnerable groups. She believes affordable housing should be marked by inclusivity, innovation, flexibility, and sustainability. This awareness took root during her involvement in documenting squatter settlements in her hometown.

She has been part of diverse projects across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia. Her involvement spans Public-Private Partnership projects to mortgage finance and housing policy initiatives. Amna also excels in housing finance and supports AHI’s valuation services. Furthermore, she’s developing her expertise as an in-house trainee in Islamic Finance.

Amna holds a Master in Urban Planning degree from Harvard University, specializing in Housing, Community, and Economic Development, through the Fulbright Scholarship. Her academic pursuits focused on affordable housing policy in developing contexts, particularly urban governance in disaster risk management and community participation in flood-prone areas of Pakistan. She also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the National College of Arts in Pakistan.

Amna is a native Urdu speaker, fluent in English, and familiar with Arabic and Punjabi. She’s currently learning French. Beyond AHI, she enjoys traveling, drawing, and practicing yoga.

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