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Rehousing Ukraine Initiative

From AHI

AHI’s Sara Veronesi and Anya Brickman Raredon talk about the importance of rehousing displaced Ukrainians to rebuilding and redevelopment efforts after the war.

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Ukrainian charities AHI endorses

Because of AHI’s close links with Ukraine – especially our partnership working with the Ukrainian legal firm, INTEGRITES – from time to time some of us are asked to recommend Ukrainian charities especially worthy of donations.

Obviously, there are many excellent charities meeting a wide range of needs and any contribution will be helpful now and in the future. We asked our INTEGRITES colleagues which charities they have direct experience of, and they endorsed the three organisations detailed below.

The Blagomay Foundation – providing modular homes for displaced residents

INTEGRITES is partnering with this foundation. They have a modular houses initiative “Shelter with love” to its website, EUR 14,087 ($15,450) buys one modular house and a year’s maintenance.

Tabletochki – helping children with cancer

This charity mainly helps children, especially those who need treatment for cancer. Some of their recent purchases can be found here:

The charity posts their reports here:

Children of Heroes Foundation

INTEGRITES is supporting this foundation’s initiative to raise UAH 1 million

The Fund supports orphaned children who have lost a parent in active service defending Ukraine. They report:

  • $30 donation would pay for a 1-hour session with a child psychologist
  • $300 donation would be enough for one month of a mother and her child’s living costs
  • $1,000 donation would cover the annual cost of kindergarten or school for a child

Obviously, you’re welcome to give directly to either charity, or you can make a donation to AHI (we are a §501(c)(3) public charity), and we will send the money on at no cost to you or to the charity. Please note in your donation which charity it is intended for.

To donate, click here.


Housing in Ukraine: pre conflict to present day

Read more about the housing situation in Ukraine before and during the invasion.

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Post conflict rehousing and rebuilding in Ukraine

Hear from the experts on how Ukraine can rebuild and rehouse it’s citizens when the conflict is over.

What Happens to the Homes Ukrainians Leave Behind? (Source: Foreign Policy)

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Housing in Ukraine after the war (Source: VoxUkraine)

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A Blueprint for the Reconstruction of Ukraine (Source: Centre for Economic Policy Research)

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