Project Details

In 2016, WHEDA engaged the AHI team to provide strategic planning and brainstorming assistance, which culminated in a WHEDA Strategic Reinvention Plan (the “Plan”). Implementation of the Plan led to WHEDA’s creation of the Business and Community Engagement Group (“BCE Group”), and the November, 2016 hiring of William Martin as its BCE Director.  BCE Group initiatives have used the Plan as their starting point, adapting it in light of changed and changing circumstances.   Now, and particularly in the context of impending restructuring of the Federal income tax code (“Tax Reform”), in ways certain to impact WHEDA’s Tax Resources, WHEDA is undertaking a refreshment and reorientation of the Plan.  Working under the direction of WHEDA’s Executive Director, Wyman Winston, and the Assistant Deputy Director, Debi Towns, AHI will facilitate and assist WHEDA in developing a strategic refresh (the “Refreshed Plan”) of the previous Plan.

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