Mary Margaret Yancey

Senior Analyst

Mary Margaret “Marge” Yancey is a Senior Analyst working with AHI in the Boston office. Her work stems from the foundational belief that housing holds psychological, social, and economic reverence at the individual, organizational, and societal level – therefore, affordable, quality housing is of vital importance for all.

Since coming to AHI in September 2019, Marge’s work portfolio has predominantly been centered around PPP-financed housing development projects in Senegal and Fiji, and in various regions of Latin America. In the United States, she was instrumental in developing an impact profile for Bringing School Home, an educational program for children and families living in Boulder Housing Partners in Colorado, and building out AHI’s valuation services.

Marge graduated from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, USA in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Business & Management. Throughout her undergraduate career, Mary Margaret worked in a variety of individual and team-based research contexts, her most notable projects including: a resident needs assessment with a Massachusetts Housing Authority, an independent multi-city research study conducted in Ahmedabad, India, São Paulo, Brazil, and Cape Town, South Africa, and an independent qualitative sociology thesis.

As a Senior Analyst, Marge brings enthusiasm and rigor to information synthesis and analysis. Through her work, she hopes to assist in bridging the gaps between housing research, consulting, and implementation. She speaks English natively and Spanish proficiently, and when she is not supporting AHI’s housing consulting and research practice, she can be found rock climbing or singing in a vocal group.

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