As a small and ambitious organization, AHI recognizes that volunteer work is both a tremendous opportunity and an organizational challenge. As such, we're interested in building mutually-beneficial relationships that are meaningful and productive for both AHI and each individual volunteer. We seek volunteers who are passionate about our mission and who add clear value to our work, whether that is through subject matter expertise, or cultural and linguistic experience in a region where we are currently working.

The traits of an AHI volunteer:

  • No training required. Volunteer should have the technical or professional experience required to perform volunteer activities, or the ability to teach themselves.
  • Fills an AHI need. Volunteer should add value to AHI work through knowledge and/or skills that AHI lacks.
  • Reliable. Volunteer should fulfill applicable responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.

The volunteering process:

  • Trial run. AHI and the volunteer work together on a first non-committal task. This task and interaction allow both sides to explore a potential working relationship.
  • Assessment of match with current needs. AHI thoroughly reviews its current and ongoing needs to determine any needs the volunteer could meet.
  • Establishment of role. AHI and the volunteer agree on a set of activity areas for the volunteer. AHI provides the volunteer with all relevant context and materials, and the fun begins.

If you think you fit the bill or would like more information, please contact Dave White, Administrative Coordinator at dwhite@affordablehousinginstitute.org.