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US property taxes: Part 1, local tax = local autonomy

23 July, 2009 (10:55) | Government, Ireland, Local issues, Primer posts, Real estate taxes, Speculation, Theory, US News, Zoning and land use | 2 comments

What if you woke up one morning and local property taxes has been abolished?   No real estate tax escrows collected by your mortgagee.  No assessments, no city assessors.   Before you smile too broadly, I have to mention some other George-Spiggott-inspired conditions of the scenario:   I want only your immortal soul   No […]

Month in Review May 2009

2 July, 2009 (11:20) | AHI activities, Configuration, Housing, MEEs, Mobile homes, Month in review, Slums, Zoning and land use |

[Previous Months In Review available here: Apr 09, Mar 09, Feb 09, Jan 09] Though housing is the output of an enormously complex, ever-changing, hugely capitalized value chain, unlike other abstract capital-markets products like Credit Default Swaps, we all connect to it because we live in its results, and we all care about it because […]

Whose side are you on? Part 2, choose your side

29 May, 2009 (10:26) | Local issues, Mobile homes, Regulation, Slums, Travelers, Zoning and land use |

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.]   In yesterday’s post, via a this-can’t-be-happening breathless story in the Memorial Day weekend Sunday Daily Mail, we encountered a group of British Travellers who, in the manner of worker ants setting out to build a new colony, have been industriously working nights and weekends to lay out, grade, service, […]

Whose side are you on? Part 1, the invasion

28 May, 2009 (10:14) | Local issues, Mobile homes, Regulation, Slums, Travelers, Zoning and land use |

This is a story of land invasion.   Do you have permits for this?   In utter defiance of the law, a band of informal settlers have chosen to occupy and develop land in defiance of the law.  A tale from Istanbul, you ask?   Gecekondu in Alanya, Turkey   Or Sao Paulo?   Sao […]

Shooting a white elephant: Part 3, the human shields

13 May, 2009 (09:02) | California, Configuration, Historic, Homeownership, Local issues, Steve Jobs, Zoning and land use |

Continued from yesterday’s Part 2 and the previous Part 1.]   For two posts now we’ve been following, via the Town Manager’s April 28, 2009 Report to Town Council (pdf) in Woodside, California, the eight-year saga of patient homeowner Steve Jobs, who is merely seeking to do what 99.9% of American would think an inalienable […]