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Doing something, even if small

25 November, 2005 (11:56) | Dictatorship, Urban issues, World news, Zimbabwe |

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. —Edmund Burke (1790)     A mother and her child walk through what once was her bedroom and is now burning after her house was set on fire by Zimbabwe police at Porta farm in Harare on June 30. (Photo: […]

Zimbabwe: call it dictatorship

31 August, 2005 (10:29) | Informal, Slums, UN, Urban issues, Zimbabwe |

  What makes the atrocity in Zimbabwe so horrifying is that Mr. Mugabe and his kleptocratic cronies find entirely consistent ways to mock the forms of government even as they officially steal, loot, and pillage what remains of a beautiful country.  As today’s Washington Post reports: JOHANNESBURG, Aug. 30 — Zimbabwe’s parliament voted Tuesday to […]

Zimbabwe: opportunity, means, and motive

15 August, 2005 (12:10) | Rural, South Africa, UN, Urban issues, Zimbabwe |

An Economist article from some weeks back highlights why Robert Mugabe seems bent on destroying his own cities:   Just rubbish to Mugabe (Economist caption)   But the real reason for this mass destruction may be to drive people back to rural areas. The government’s land redistribution policy, which led to the invasion of the […]

Zimbabwe: stop subsidizing kleptocracy

3 August, 2005 (10:29) | Slums, Urban issues, Zimbabwe |

The great tactical advantage of psychopathy is that it frees you from the shackles of truth, consistency, or human morality.  So Robert Mugabe, in rapid sequence with no regard to predecessor claims:     Claimed that Operation Restore Order was a development program: The UN’s special envoy, Anna Tibaijuka, says that the recent demolition of […]

Slow genocide by bulldozer

2 August, 2005 (14:41) | Informal, Slums, UN, Zimbabwe |

Sometimes there is no need to gloss the facts.  Zimbabwe’s facts speak for themselves.    Quotes from the UN Report (link in .pdf) are shown in blue (emphasis and links added).   On 19 May 2005, with little or no warning, the Government of Zimbabwe embarked on an operation to ‘clean up’ its cities.  It […]