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Windows and the biological thermostat

10 October, 2008 (09:55) | Configuration, Housing, Maintenance, Weather, Windows |

What’s the best way to manage a home’s indoor climate?     As I type this blog post, our house’s fan is running behind me, circulating air – and directly in front of me is a lovely bank of fifteen-light windows through which I can see our back garden.   Why don’t I just turn […]

Housing demography: what, you’re leaving?

31 May, 2006 (09:52) | Massachusetts, Population, Weather |

Any doubt that Massachusetts‘ population loss is tied to its high housing prices has been eliminated by a recent Boston Globe poll (statistically valid and professional done; full data here), which found why people left:   Why are you leaving? What’s your hurry?   73% of those surveyed said they live in a home that […]