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The sincerest form

24 April, 2009 (09:17) | Economist, Humor, US News, Wall Street Journal |

  “Mediocre writers borrow; great writers steal.“  – T. S. Eliot   Posted anything worth stealing, David?   Faithful readers know I often draw on the Economist or the Wall Street Journal – with full attribution, to be sure! – for stories that form the kernel of these essays.  Judging from two recent pieces, the […]

GSE’s: with enemies like these

19 January, 2006 (10:36) | Fannie Mae, GSEs, Real estate, Wall Street Journal |

Something about real estate fuels the ire of rock-ribbed capitalists like Forbes, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal, who can write breathy paeans to corporate titans even while sneering at grubby landlords who build property empires.  (My Fannie Mae archive can be found here.)  That antipathy is on full display in the Wall Street Journal’s […]