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Mario’s magic air fund

3 December, 2012 (16:21) | Capital markets, Euro, Eurozone, Global news, Innovations, Speculation, Vaporware |

By:David A. Smith   I’m ready to save the Euro … maybe   If insanity entails seeing visions no one else can perceive, then genius entails making other people believe your visions – and by this definition, ECB President Mario Draghi is clearly a very clever fellow with a long memory, for he’s recently reached […]

Praiseworthy intentions

9 November, 2009 (13:48) | Boston, Rental, Subprime, Thomas Menino, Vaporware |

By:David A. Smith   The older I get, the less I give credence to future-tense verbs: I’m going to X, I will Y.  I place much more reliance on past-tense verbs and durations – for the last decade I’ve Z’d.  So as I read the following Boston Globe article on a praiseworthy idea, and my […]