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Mario’s magic air fund

3 December, 2012 (16:21) | Capital markets, Euro, Eurozone, Global news, Innovations, Speculation, Vaporware |

By:David A. Smith   I’m ready to save the Euro … maybe   If insanity entails seeing visions no one else can perceive, then genius entails making other people believe your visions – and by this definition, ECB President Mario Draghi is clearly a very clever fellow with a long memory, for he’s recently reached […]

Praiseworthy intentions

9 November, 2009 (13:48) | Boston, Rental, Subprime, Thomas Menino, Vaporware |

By:David A. Smith   The older I get, the less I give credence to future-tense verbs: I’m going to X, I will Y.  I place much more reliance on past-tense verbs and durations – for the last decade I’ve Z’d.  So as I read the following Boston Globe article on a praiseworthy idea, and my […]

Political zugzwang and the OMB passback

29 November, 2005 (10:24) | Congress, Finance, Government, Local taxation, Vaporware |

A few weeks back, the Administration made a puzzling move whose deftness is becoming clearer the more I reflect on it.  By tabling a proposal to overhaul the tax code, the Administration has placed many other political players into political zugzwang: whatever they do, the Administration gains.   In chess, the German word zugzwang (“compulsion […]

Political vaporware

28 November, 2005 (10:25) | HUD, Legislation and policy, Politics, Primer posts, Vaporware |

Just as mathematicians, in solving certain problems, had to invent imaginary numbers, in political calculus one can move beyond political capital and political risk to more rarefied heights with political vaporware.   Political vaporware   A proposal or trial balloon of possible legislative or programmatic change.   It may have nothing behind it, but is […]