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Rent as social self-defense

23 February, 2012 (09:17) | Apartments, Guest, Hotels, Markets, New York City, Rental, Second homes, Theory, Vacation homes |

By:David A. Smith   Some restrictions may apply   Mi casa es su casa, we say in our mangled Spanglish, but what do we mean?  As Kathleen Hughes of the Wall Street Journal (October 31, 2011) discovered, one never has no many friends as when one has property they covet:   We love our friends […]

Multi-housing families: the pied-a-veekend

28 July, 2006 (09:19) | Markets, Multifamily, Second homes, Vacation homes |

Because housing demand is elastic, as incomes rise, the affordable housing consumption also rises, leading not just to evolving modern bigger homes (McMansion or otherwise), but also to multi-home families.  Some temporarily separate for work; others seek out their own private weekend home, as ingenuously reported by the New York Times, delightedly discovering towns beyond […]

Every which way but down?

25 August, 2005 (16:07) | Housing, Policy, Realtors, Vacation homes |

People who go on vacation don’t buy homes.     That, you would think, is self-evident.  But when people aren’t buying homes, the number of homes being sold also drops.  So if home sales dip in July, is this evidence of anything?   On Tuesday, some analysts said the boom was definitively going south, based […]