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The Model T house?

25 June, 2009 (09:47) | Affordability, Configuration, India, Innovations, Tata, Usonian, Value chain | 2 comments

To make housing affordable, why don’t we lower its costs, using mass production? “A car that ordinary Americans can afford.” Henry Ford with his Model T For nearly a century, that thesis has appealed to automotive titans, of whom the latest is from India, as reported in the Financial Times: Indian companies want to repeat […]


23 June, 2005 (09:30) | Homeownership, Tenure, Usonian |

Traditionally, homeownership is the ladder to personal wealth because it:   Offers security of tenure (and hence incubates healthy and growing families) Rewards initial asset accumulation (the down payment) Enforces savings (equity buildup through amortization) Motivates property upgrades (through home improvement and its developing-nation analog, incremental housing) Creates a tappable source of equity for personal […]