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Reanimating a ghost

7 March, 2011 (11:16) | Configuration, Economics, Historic, Hotels, Incentives, Rehab, Speculation, Tenure, Use | 1 comment

 By: David A. Smith   For a slideshow, click here   Buildings don’t die just because they are no longer useful – or rather, they die at the speed of a bristlecone pine, with infinite equanimity.  And when they have become visual icons, common emotional property if not common physical property, then they can become […]

Struldbrug buildings

14 July, 2005 (09:19) | Development, Historic preservation, History, Use |

  One day, in much good company, I was asked by a person of quality, whether I had seen any of their struldbrugs, or immortals? Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels, Chapter 26   To the transatlantic visitor (one from a land where a Greyhound Bus Terminal carries a proud plaque naming it a Certified Historic Structure), […]

Urban politics: man bites dog

24 April, 2005 (17:53) | Affordable Housing, Boston, Property management, Use |

In Boston, where affordable housing is a sure political winner, comes this surprising Boston Globe followup to a housing-advocacy story:   They call themselves the silent opposition.   Some homeowners and lifelong Jamaica Plain residents yesterday said they, too, have launched a campaign about the future of the Blessed Sacrament Church.     Commanding attention […]