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The ecology of a slum: Part 5, government flows

15 April, 2009 (09:34) | Ecosystem, History, London, Slums, Theory, Urban Infrastrucure |

[Continued from March 6th’s Part 4, and the previous Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.]   [Editorial justification for the tour: If we want to improve slums, we have to see them as ecosystems – spontaneous self-generated communities, self-organized, economically rational, economically efficient, adaptive and robust.  We may not like the slums (like Dharavi in […]

There must be a moral in here somewhere

6 February, 2009 (11:17) | Homeownership, Housing, Tenure, Urban Infrastrucure |

I can’t speak but I can guffaw!   At first read, this Telegraph story induces guffaws:   A man whose home was so full of rubbish that he had to build an intricate network of tunnels to get around may have died after losing his way in the labyrinth.   Then it rapidly becomes sobering. […]