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Green is … GOOD, Part 2

6 October, 2006 (11:56) | Uncategorized |

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.] In our tour of green building and building green, we’ve seen that the right green yields the other green.   = If a green rating is to be meaningful, it must be standardized; and to be standardized, it must be digitized and objective; which leads, in turn, to the concept […]

Cooling the engine?

8 August, 2006 (11:04) | Uncategorized |

As the housing boom levels off or dips slightly, less significant than the impact on reselling homeowners is its cooling effect on the nation’s economic engine, as illustrated by this helpful New York Times story:   The housing industry — which largely carried the American economy through the tribulations of the 2000 stock-market crash [‘Crash’ […]

NNO: start your economic engines: Part 1

31 July, 2006 (09:51) | Uncategorized |

History’s biggest-ever experiment in urban reconstruction is about to begin.   Ladies and gentlemen, start your economic engines. No, not the finger-pointing re-examination of our flaky-ceiling Big Dig, but the Gulf Coast rebuilding, which will now kick into high gear, plans or no plans, as billions will flow directly to property owners and thence into […]

Why are homes price-drop resistant?

30 July, 2006 (10:24) | Uncategorized |

Compared with other asset classes, single-family homes are remarkably resistant to price collapses; while every now and then prices may scoot up, they very seldom reverse course with anything like the same speed.  (I can’t prove this but am utterly convinced it’s true.)      Homesteaders, early twentieth century   I speculate that the principal […]

Multi-housing families: the pied-a-veekend

28 July, 2006 (09:19) | Uncategorized |

Because housing demand is elastic, as incomes rise, the affordable housing consumption also rises, leading not just to evolving modern bigger homes (McMansion or otherwise), but also to multi-home families.  Some temporarily separate for work; others seek out their own private weekend home, as ingenuously reported by the New York Times, delightedly discovering towns beyond […]