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Month in Review, March, 2014: Part 2, No spin here, no sirree

2 May, 2014 (09:00) | Bankruptcy, Bonds, Cities, Dictators, Discrimination, Housing, Month in review, Mount Holly, Municipal bankruptcy, New York, Public consultation, Puerto Rico, Speculation, Taxation, Ukraine, US News, Zoning |

[Previous Months in Review available here: Feb 14, Jan 14] [Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.] By: David A. Smith Because affordable housing cannot exist unless the state or nation’s economy and polity are basically sound, roughly half of my March posts dealt with issues of state or national fiscal viability (Puerto Rico and Ukraine), housing […]

It’s always the palace, isn’t it?

3 March, 2014 (12:50) | Corruption, Dictators, Housing, Palaces, Revolutions, Ukraine | 2 comments

  By:David A. Smith   With the sudden collapse of Victor Yanukovych’s kleptocratic government, the Ukrainian people, and with them, the rest of the world, have suddenly had a chance, via the Daily Mail (February 24, 2014) among others, to see the visible expression of what Mr. Yanukovych’s character – the palace he had built […]