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The bio-thermostat override

5 October, 2012 (09:16) | Air conditioners, Boston, Construction, Energy, Means testing, Property management, Public housing, Rental, Tenants, Utility allowances, Windows | 2 comments

By:David A. Smith   The weakest part of an automobile, my father used to tell me, was the nut behind the wheel.  It thinks it has free will, he might have added, and even if it didn’t have free will, it can certainly make noise, as we discovered a few months back with this ain’t-it-a-scandal […]

Month in Review: February 2007

14 March, 2007 (09:28) | Borrowing, Credit, Equity, Landlords, Lending, Tenants |

[Previous Months-in-Review available here: Jan 07; Dec 06,  Nov 06, Oct 06]     During February, the fervid pursuit of fair maiden Equity Office reaches feverous pitch, with both Blackstone and Vornado vying to present their credentials to best advantage:   Don’t look at him, look at me.   First we had Vornado raising its […]

Cradle of apartment living: New York City

28 April, 2006 (09:56) | Apartments, Elevators, New York City, Tenants |

If the American apartment has a birthplace, it is New York City, specifically the island of Manhattan.   Manhattan, 1764: it all started here   By ‘apartment’, I mean specifically the high-rise flat occupied by choice not economic necessity.    High-rise, TriBeCa   (The birthplace of American affordable housing is Boston … but that’s another […]


7 March, 2006 (10:23) | Co-ops, New York City, Tenants |

In the continuing million stories in the rent-stabilized city, from the New York Times comes another one that illustrates a pair of complicated secondary consequences of living communally:   North Shore Towers, an upscale co-op complex in eastern Queens, consists of three hulking 33-story buildings (1,844 apartments) along the Grand Central Parkway near the Nassau […]

Who ‘owns’ a rent controlled apartment?

23 August, 2005 (14:01) | Landlords, Rent control, Tenants |

From Gotham City comes another episode of “Spot the Good Guy” as a landlord and tenants battle over that question:   Tenants of a rent-stabilized building at 47-49 East Third Street in the East Village; the building’s tenants are fighting a decision by their landlords, Alistair and Catherine Economakis, not to renew their leases.   […]