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The Global People System

22 February, 2011 (14:52) | Enumeration, India, Innovations, Markets, Slumdwellers, Slums |

By: David A. Smith    A revolution is taking place in India – a revolution of the good kind, one whose completion will give India a leap forward.  As reported in The Economist:   In a small village north-west of Bangalore, peasants queue for identities. Each man fills in a form with his name and […]

Slums are a wealth-extraction machine

13 April, 2007 (10:42) | Landlords, Slumdwellers, Slums, Urban renewal |

Even if a slum is eradicated, it almost always returns.  Why?     Robert Mugabe’s solution: slow genocide by bulldozer   The answer lies not in architecture, not in demography, not in law, but in fundamental economics.  Yet because we are vision-oriented creatures, we imagine things first and foremost by what we see:   Structure […]

The slums inside

9 September, 2005 (10:26) | Legislation and policy, Public housing, Slumdwellers, Slums |

In 1970, multi-talented science fiction author Robert Silverberg (who grew up amid the New York City public housing projects) wrote a haunting novel, The World Inside, that posited 1,000-story high-rises where people did little but   live in close quarters with minimal privacy, spend their nights exchanging sexual partners and their lives churning out as […]