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Free parkletting?

25 January, 2013 (10:00) | Cities, Land rent, Parking, Parks, Permitting, Politics, Public space, San Francisco, Sidewalks, Urbanization, Zoning | 1 comment

By:David A. Smith   Nothing is so complicated in San Francisco as doing an altruistic thing without sufficient permission – for, as revealed in the San Francisco Chronicle (January 6, 2013), that can provoke the wrath of an unpropitiated local troll.  To begin with, we must start with a clever urban innovation to convert some […]

Then they came for the food carts

14 June, 2012 (10:25) | Cities, Entrepreneur, Informality, Land use, Markets, New York City, Public space, Sidewalks, Zoning |

By:David A. Smith   Cities’ growth oscillates between chaos and control, between Jane Jacobs’ uninhibited urban mess and Le Corbusier’s uninhabitable blocks; while it is chaos that ferments entrepreneurial new jobs, chaos means clutter and entropy.    We can’t have you here, you’re providing a desired product and an entrepreneurial job   Into this endless […]

Urban cleansing

7 June, 2012 (12:08) | Cities, Infrastructure, Istanbul, Markets, Restaurants, Sidewalks, Traffic jams, Turkey, Walkability |

By:David A. Smith   Even as Turkey has announced it will be embarking on dramatic urban regeneration, the government is also shaking up the established order of informality in street usages, and that, as reported by my friend Constanze Letsch in The Guardian, results in immediate displacement and disruption of the economic cryptobiotica:   Bar […]