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Whatever it is, we’re against it

14 July, 2011 (11:27) | Apartments, Homeless, Housing, New York City, NIMBY, Rental, Shelters, Supportive housing, Tenure |

By: David A. Smith   In righteous communities, no one is ever against social programs in principle.  No, not at all – they’re entirely for it in principle.  It’s just that – well, when it’s in our neighborhood, there’s always something wrong with what you have proposed.    Whatever it is, I’m against it!   […]

Cars to shelters to hotels to … apartments, maybe?

13 October, 2005 (11:48) | Apartments, Hotels, New Orleans, Shelters |

A tree dying of rot appears sturdy, even as its trunk hollows out … until one night there is a storm, and with a crack, it topples.  Similarly, when an agency is consistently hollowed out over a quarter-century, it trundles along doing its business, presiding over the appearance of normalcy, until something happens.   Does […]

Shantytown demolition: wrongs and rights

11 October, 2005 (16:14) | Dictatorship, Displacement, Homelessness, Liability, Shelters |

Even as the IMF continues not to expel Robert Mugabe’s slow-genocidal dictatorship, I found myself the other day returning to shantytown demolition because of a Boston Globe story that took place literally under the wheels of our cars:   State Police and Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) [Respective owners of the land — Ed.] […]