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Defending the indefensible

21 November, 2011 (12:11) | Chelsea, Executive pay, Massachusetts, Public housing, Scandal, US News |

By:David A. Smith   Everything to do with this tale is indefensible – except the speed with which the protagonist lost his job.  Even that is not enough, as we’ll see by examining three good investigative stories by Andrea Estes and Sean P. Murphy: Boston Globe (30 Oct) (Arial), Boston Globe (3 Nov) (Georgia), and […]

Who put the bed in bedroom? Part 2

7 September, 2006 (09:27) | Apartments, Markets, Real estate, Scandal |

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.]   Yes, son, once your dad lived in a bachelor pad.   In the pre-Woodstock Sixties, we suburban kids had no direct experience with apartments — so our conceptions were formed by endless swinging-singles movies starring Peter Lawford, Dean Martin, or even Rock Hudson.    These guys lived in apartments: […]

Who put the bed in bedroom? Part 1

6 September, 2006 (10:28) | Apartments, Markets, Real estate, Scandal |

Those of us who deal with apartment affordability tend after a while to forget their principal demographic appeal, until we are reminded of it by astonished dowdy-ism of the Gray Lady herself, the New York Times, who has discovered to her white-glove shock that there is sex, sex being used to sell urban living space: […]

MIR: July

14 August, 2006 (09:51) | Fannie Mae, GSEs, Month in review, Scandal |

[Previous months in review available here: Jun, May,  Apr, Mar, Feb, Jan-06, Dec-05.]   July opened with the last two installments of my mammoth illumination of OFHEO’s unrebutted story of the Fannie Mae scandal:   The Fannie Mae tangram in seven parts   Part 6: Suppressing criticism Part 7: Why should taxpayers care?   The […]

Botoxed earnings and the Holy Grail defense

24 February, 2006 (09:29) | Fannie Mae, GSEs, Scandal |

In public companies like Fannie Mae, earnings management is like skin care, smoothing out the wrinkles to present a shinier corporate image.  Like skin care, it seems almost every publicly traded company uses it to some degree or another.  As the New York Times puts it:   WASHINGTON, Feb. 23 — An internal investigation has […]