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Pay for empowerment? Part 1, the success

4 October, 2010 (16:06) | Brazil, Donors, Global news, Innovations, Poverty, Sao Paulo, Speculation |

By: David A. Smith   Here’s a novel idea: instead of creating complex programs to direct the poor to help themselves out of poverty, why not just pay them when they do?   Would you keep your daughter in school if we paid you?   As reported in The Economist, Brazil is doing just that […]

Favelas of Sao Paulo: Part 2, Guarapiranga

10 June, 2008 (07:57) | Brazil, Local issues, Pictures, Sao Paulo, Slums | 1 comment

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.]   Yesterday’s little adventure in my slum tourism looked at the first form of Sao Paulo‘s slum upgrading: the Cingapura program of demolish-and-build-new walkup flats.    A light switch, an ash tray, and a saint: the Brazilian office   But people don’t like flats as much as houses.  Walkup flats […]

Favelas of Sao Paulo: Part 1, Cingapura

9 June, 2008 (07:57) | Brazil, Local issues, Pictures, Sao Paulo, Slums |

A while back I spent 4½ days in Sao Paulo – my first time in Brazil – getting an immersion tour in why and where and how the municipality and state of Sao Paulo have tackled slum upgrading and urbanization.      The biggest city in South America, with 10,000,000 people in the city limits […]