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The meandering evolution of Amazonian bank

18 October, 2012 (17:14) | Banking, Capital markets, Innovations, Regulation, Retail, US News, Value chain |

Because they are large institutions whose very existence depends on the perception of stability, we tend to take banks’ existence for granted – yet every bank started somewhere, as something much less evolved, such as an interim lender to a valued supply-chain partner, as revealed in this article from the Wall Street Journal (October 4, […]

Month in Review, May 2011

8 July, 2011 (09:34) | Admin, Eminent domain, Housing, Innovations, Markets, Month in review, Nonprofits, Retail |

[Previous Month in Reviews available here: Apr 11, Mar 11, Feb 11, Jan 11]   Desperate economic times summon forth desperate fiscal measures, and with domestic public finances under stress at all levels – Federal, state, and local – we will see the joining of many years’ battles between unexpected antagonists, as I featured at […]

Scenes from a mauling

4 May, 2011 (13:15) | Housing, Malls, Markets, Retail, Reuse, Shopping centers, Speculation, Urbanization, US News | 2 comments

By: David A. Smith    America has more shopping centers and malls than it will ever need again in its history – and that massive devaluation of an asset class will remake our cities, our suburbs, and much of the transport infrastructure linking the two.   Probably hummed when Pac-Man was new   Before the […]