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Essential actors in affordable housing delivery

13 October, 2009 (10:54) | Global news, Innovations, MEEs, Research, Theory, US News |

By: David A. Smith   Last week in Washington, as part of the World Habitat Day activities, AHI – in partnership with the National Housing Conference as host and the Housing Partnership Network as a co-sponsor – issued and discussed the Extract of our report, Mission Entrepreneurial Entities: Essential Actors in Affordable Housing Delivery.   […]

AHI’s World Habitat Day Event: Essential Actors in Affordable Housing Delivery

28 September, 2009 (10:24) | Ecosystem, Markets, MEEs, Research, Theory, UN Habitat, World Habitat Day |

By: David A. Smith   As part of the multi-day World Habitat Day activities, AHI, along with the National Housing Conference and the Housing Partnership Network, will be sponsoring a presentation and panel discussion on a topic that we think has great relevance, both in the Global South and back home in America.   Being […]

Little boxes, little boxes

10 June, 2009 (10:33) | Africa, Configuration, Construction, Embryo house, Innovations, Research, Self-building |

If we want to make housing affordable, shouldn’t we be looking at inexpensive construction materials?  That’s the premise of a short Climate Progress article, Shipping containers provide affordable housing, from the Center for American Progress’s “It’s Easy Being Green” series.   There’s an emerging and innovative solution to the environmental, economic, and housing concerns we […]

Hoarding and housing: Part 2, helping the hoard and the hoarder

13 February, 2009 (10:37) | Housing, Rental, Research, Tenure |

 [Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.]   In yesterday’s post on the prevalence of hoarding is a psychological disease, I discovered via the MBHP Newsletter that it’s amazingly prevalent in affordable housing, the third leading cause of eviction (admittedly, after the two elephants of non-payment and drug use).   Hoarder’s kitchen, before   Hoarder’s kitchen, afterTwo […]

Hoarding and housing: Part 1, more prevalent than you think

12 February, 2009 (11:19) | Housing, Rental, Research, Tenure |

In the course of writing there must be a moral in here somewhere, about an Englishman who died of suffocation inside his home filled with clutter he had hoarded for years, I found myself reflecting, a tad depressed, about variations of hoarding I’ve seen over my years in affordable housing.   To some degree or […]