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China’s whistling tea-kettle

9 November, 2012 (09:00) | Bubbles, Capital control, China, Economics, Global news, Investment, Real estate, Speculation |

By:David A. Smith   A whistling kettle not only keeps the pot from exploding, it tells you the water’s boiling; it’s both a release valve and a signal.  And in China’s economy, as shown in this Wall Street Journal (October 15, 2012) article, the economic tea kettle is whistling loudly:   Capital pressure’s on the […]

Flipping in slow motion

2 September, 2011 (09:12) | Apartments, Flipping, Foreclosure, House sitting, Investment, Real estate, Rental, Speculation, US News, Workforce housing | 2 comments

By:David A. Smith   Tempting as it is to believe that the third owner always makes money in real estate, I question whether the business identified by this Wall Street Journal article is really a trend, or just a set of special-case exceptions:   Lower the price enough and we’ll rake the leaves?   Big […]

Billion-dollar battle: Part 11, with a whimper?

6 December, 2006 (09:23) | Development, Money, New York City, Ownership, Real estate |

[Previous Stuy Town posts can be found here: 1, starting gun, 2, opening bets, 3, what’s at stake 4, paging the cavalry, 5, must the public pay?, 6, orchestra warms up, 7, unpublished score, 8, hidden free riders 9, the selling banns, 10, the residents’ imperatives.] The New York Times announcement of the Stuveysant Town […]

Public housing’s dependency trap: Part 2, the lawsuit

5 December, 2006 (09:25) | Legislation and policy, Massachusetts, Public housing, Real estate |

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.] Yesterday we saw that public housing’s real estate is placed into a dependent position, with structural negative NOI as a consequence of its rent structure, and a complete inability to finance its capital requirements.  That system means that the larger-body funder (here, the state) has a moral duty to cover […]

Public housing’s dependency trap: Part 1, the schema

4 December, 2006 (12:58) | Legislation and policy, Massachusetts, Public housing, Real estate |

In a step remarkable even for a state known for its remarkable politics, on November 20 three housing authorities — Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge — filed suit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Suffolk Superior Court, 06-4831, Boston Housing Authority et al. v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al., hereinafter BHA v. Massachusetts), charging the state with […]