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The bio-thermostat override

5 October, 2012 (09:16) | Air conditioners, Boston, Construction, Energy, Means testing, Property management, Public housing, Rental, Tenants, Utility allowances, Windows | 2 comments

By:David A. Smith   The weakest part of an automobile, my father used to tell me, was the nut behind the wheel.  It thinks it has free will, he might have added, and even if it didn’t have free will, it can certainly make noise, as we discovered a few months back with this ain’t-it-a-scandal […]

Scandals are what happen when we are busy making strategic plans

27 August, 2012 (09:36) | Admin, Affordability, Boston Consulting Group, Governance, Housing, Management, MEEs, New York City, NYCHA, Property management, Public housing, US News |

By:David A. Smith   Readers expecting to read a continuation of our grand theory of Chinese urbanization will have to wait a few days, as we interrupt the series to catch up on timely news from New York and Boston.  Suppose for the moment that you woke up one morning and found yourself newly appointed […]

The simplicity discount

16 December, 2010 (12:54) | Apartments, Economics, Landlords, New York City, Property management, Rental, Tenure |

By: David A. Smith   When the unrelenting tenant isn’t renting (isn’t renting) And the pipes that burst are leaking from above (from above)   A landlord’s job being not a happy one, most large-property owners hire a professional property management company and pay that entity a fee of 3-8% of effective gross income (EGI).  […]

Broken windows, broken rules

11 February, 2009 (10:18) | Admin, Property management, Speculation, Tenure, Theory |

Order?  Chaos?   To read the Web, you’d think graffiti was a harmless and even beneficial vibrant expression of urban culture, something to be celebrated and preserved, but ask any property manager and the response would be unanimous: they hate it.  So do local police.  As the City of Santa Ana, California puts it:   […]

Increasing workforce housing availability

21 February, 2007 (09:12) | Local Government, NIMBY, Property management, Workforce housing |

With America’s housing markets diverging as employment and red state/ blue state policies either stimulate or repel affordable housing production, creating workforce housing is increasingly being driven by state or local policies rather than Federal ones.    As decision-making moves down the governmental pyramid, state and especially local policy makers may inadvertently overlook promising ideas, […]