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Interoperability creates innovation

15 May, 2012 (11:01) | Children, Entrepreneur, Innovations, MEEs, NGOs, Play, Programs, Rules, Theory, US News |

By:David A. Smith   A threat to the established order?   All invention comes from building blocks, whether it is nature inventing amino acids out of atmospheric molecules, bloggers inventing posts out of words, or children inventing phantasms and improbably structures out of pieces like Tinker Toys:   Go, speed racer!   Lincoln Logs:   […]

When markets back up

19 December, 2011 (18:17) | Affordability, Chapter 40B, Homeownership, Housing, Incentives, Inclusionary zoning, Markets, Massachusetts, Programs, US News | 1 comment

 By: David A. Smith   For something so simple to say, affordability proves surprisingly mutable as a concept, and whatever definition you use can be turned upside down by unexpected market developments – and that can lead to some mighty curious responses by market and government participants.   Didn’t plan on that   While it […]

Not clairvoyance, just logic

1 August, 2011 (11:21) | Demographics, Economics, Foreclosure, Housing, Predictions, Programs, Rental, Subprime, US News |

By: David A. Smith   It’s not clairvoyance if what you foresee is simply the exercise of logic in a difficult situation.   I foresee Venkman hitting on his female subjects   To get the American economy moving again, we must among other things increase the total number of American households, and to do that, […]