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Always wary: Part 1, What we choose not to see today

20 October, 2015 (10:00) | Apartments, Boston, Chelsea, Communities, Corruption, Deconcentration, HOPE VI, Housing, Income mixing, Informality, Innovations, Neighborhood, Poverty, Public housing, RAD, Redevelopment, US News |

By: David A. Smith When most of the promises you have heard in your life have not been kept; when most of the grand vision of shining futures have dissolved into nothing; when strangers come offering help and then go without delivering it, then you are justified in being wary. Sources used in this post […]

History of a plot: Part 1, The sixties

14 April, 2014 (15:58) | Affordable Housing, Atlantic Yards, Community groups, Corruption, Development, Housing, Income mixing, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NIMBY, Nonprofits, Politics, Poverty, Poverty concentration, Public housing, Sheldon Silver, William Rapfogel, Zoning |

Storytelling is about two things; it’s about character and plot. – George Lucas. By: David A. Smith They grew up in the same circles, and they came of age politically together.  For almost four decades, they did favors for one another, because that is what friends do.  Eventually, one of them, the youngest, the protege, […]

Poverty of choice

27 June, 2011 (11:23) | Affordability, Cities, Health, Housing, Innovations, Poverty, Security, Theory | 1 comment

By: David A. Smith    From Jamie Holmes, policy analyst at the New America Foundation, published in The New Republic, comes an excellent survey of empirical evidence in favor of what seems a common-sense proposition – that the poorer you are, the less willpower you can summon to change your life, because the more of […]

Give us the money and don’t ask for results

22 October, 2010 (11:11) | Aid, Donors, Global news, Housing, Poverty, Speculation, UN |

By: David A. Smith   It must be nice to be given enormous sums, based principally on your self-burnished image for tender-heartedness, and not be troubled by niggling questions about what you did with it and whether anybody was better off as a result.    Show me the money!   You know that the UN […]

Locking in ‘those people’

6 October, 2010 (10:56) | Beijing, China, Cities, Global news, Poverty, Security, Tenure |

By: David A. Smith   Even before the phrenological theory of human character held sway, it’s been tempting to believe that we ordinary decent people are genetically and visibly distinct from those lowlifes who infest our cities with filth, disease, and crime.    It’s all in your head   If they are a race apart, […]