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House me, house my dog?

2 April, 2012 (09:32) | Apartments, Co-ops, Condominiums, Dogs, High-rise, Housing, New York City, Pets, Rental |

By:David A. Smith   At present, the master is not at home   For all that we love dogs – and the people who love dogs, love dogs – they are poorly designed for city living, unlike cats, whose sublime superior indifference lends itself well to ignoring their owners and any guests (except, of course, […]

Going to the dogs

7 September, 2010 (17:55) | Apartments, Housing, Pets, Rental, Student housing, Tenure, US News | 1 comment

By: David A. Smith   Few things in life are funnier, if you are of a twisted turn of mind, than watching members of the House of Representatives, debating the 1998 ‘reform’ of public housing, taking time to debate the pet rule (24 CFR 960.707).    Pets, you see, are the third most destructive force […]

Dog bites wallet; wallet bites dog

23 June, 2006 (09:28) | Dogs, Insurance, Pets, Risk |

What defines a household?  Does the definition extend to animals kept as pets?   For housing, including affordable housing, the question is more than idle.  Pets, particularly dogs, are more than an accoutrement: for many, especially the elderly, they are a source of emotional strength — and that, in turn, translates into health, well-being, and […]