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Reviving the payday lender

28 January, 2011 (12:57) | Finance, Lending, Payday lending, Regulation, Subprime, Theory |

 By: David A. Smith   Four years ago, long before the credit crunch hit us, I posted at length about Payday lenders, who were doing well and probably not by doing good.  Instead they were setting up shop outside Indian reservations and military posts, exploiting anxious or desperate people who had few alternatives.    Now, […]

Payday lending: Part 2, by doing good?

23 February, 2007 (09:26) | Credit, Lender, Microfinance, Payday lending |

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1]   Even so, higher fees and sorry stories are not hard to find. Payday lenders have proliferated over the last 15 years, including here in Gallup, a scenic but impoverished town of 22,000 with a mix of Indian, Hispanic and white residents and a striking density of storefront lenders.   […]

Payday lending: Part 1, doing well by doing good?

22 February, 2007 (09:22) | Credit, Lender, Microfinance, Payday lending |

When the shades of night are falling, Comes a fellow ev’ryone knows, Housing and finance are inextricably linked: One is human, one is robotic Just as secure tenure is critical to establishing a viable family, so is access to inexpensive credit critical to developing house-buying power. What happens when someone falls behind the savings-borrowing eight […]