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Sauce for the gander

16 April, 2013 (14:38) | Banks, Compensation, Incentives, Innovations, Pay, Subprime, US News |

  By:David A. Smith   Time for you to reform too, padre   Too soon old, too late smart – is that how it runs?  Or was it a case of being smart but helpless, feeling under pressure to pay huge bonuses in cash based on non-cash estimates of earnings?    Before the crisis, Wall […]

People value only what they pay for

6 December, 2005 (13:47) | Essential posts, Markets, Pay, Policy, Subsidy |

Essential to any understanding of affordable housing is the Payment Principle:   People value only what they pay for   Paying for an object (be it product or service) is an action that requires a choice based on conscious decision.  You reach into your wallet and hand over money in exchange for something else.  Choice […]