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Optionality and anti-optionality: Part 1, reward later or reward now?

25 July, 2014 (09:36) | Banks, Economics, Finance, Foreclosure, Homeownership, Housing, Lending, Loans, Optionality, Rental, Saving, Theory, US News | No comments

By: David A. Smith Money is a claim check on other people’s products and services. – Warren Buffett Once a month, Mrs. Guggenheim sends the bank the same amount of money.  Darling, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it Is she saving for herself, or repaying a debt? Either way, her […]

Occupancy if not ownership: Part 2, A place is only a place

7 July, 2014 (13:48) | Archdiocese of Boston, churches, Development, occupancy, ownership, Property Rights, Scituate, Speculation, Theory, US News | No comments

[Continued from yesterday's Part 1.] By:David A. Smith Yesterday’s post on the deconsecrated Boston-area churches, using two recent stories in the Boston Globe (June 22, 2014; blue font) and the Boston Herald (June 22, 2014), highlighted that after a ten-year canonical appeals process, the Vatican denied the petitioners’ request for the archdiocese of Boston to […]

Block by block

23 May, 2014 (10:40) | Auctions, Bankruptcy, Cities, Detroit, Homeownership, Housing, Markets, Municipal bankruptcy, Theory, Uncategorized, urban homesteading, US News |

 By: David A. Smith For all the pixels burned crying panic at the possibility of Detroit filing bankruptcy, for all the specious unfounded blather that municipal bankruptcy was illegal, couldn’t possibly do good and would instead do incalculable harm, so far everything that has happened since Detroit filed has been good … but practical progress sells […]

Eviction, the family disaster: Part 5, The poor are we

16 May, 2014 (09:00) | Apartments, Eviction, Homelessness, Landlords, Law, marriage, Milwaukee, Policy, Rental, sociology, US News, Vouchers |

[Continued from yesterday's Part 4 and the preceding Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.] By: David A. Smith As demonstrated in the preceding four parts of this post, based on a worthwhile Harvard Magazine (January, 2014) piece focusing on Harvard and Wisconsin sociologist Matthew Desmond, eviction often explodes individual households the way hurricane or earthquakes […]

Eviction, the family disaster: Part 4, More legal rights then they use

15 May, 2014 (09:00) | Apartments, delinquency, Eviction, Homelessness, Housing, Landlords, Law, marriage, Milwaukee, Policy, Rental, sociology, US News, Vouchers |

[Continued from yesterday's Part 3 and the preceding Part 1 and Part 2.] By: David A. Smith Just-completed Part 3 of this post on eviction, based on a Harvard Magazine (January, 2014) article following the work of sociologist Matthew Desmond, demonstrated that eviction acts on an individual household the same way an earthquake or hurricane acts […]