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First out of the hole

13 July, 2011 (12:00) | Apartments, Economics, Homeownership, Inflation, Investment, Multifamily, Rental, US News |

By: David A. Smith     Now that both land prices  and homeownership prices have generally bottomed  if not started rising, even as the economy remains mired in the recession-that-never-left), there is an asset class climbing up out of the hole, and it’s the one we would expect – multifamily rental – as demonstrated by RealPage’s […]

Multi-housing families: the pied-a-veekend

28 July, 2006 (09:19) | Markets, Multifamily, Second homes, Vacation homes |

Because housing demand is elastic, as incomes rise, the affordable housing consumption also rises, leading not just to evolving modern bigger homes (McMansion or otherwise), but also to multi-home families.  Some temporarily separate for work; others seek out their own private weekend home, as ingenuously reported by the New York Times, delightedly discovering towns beyond […]

Multi-family housing?

9 February, 2006 (09:31) | Demand, Families, Markets, Multifamily |

How many room’s of one’s own?  We are accustomed to answering “many,” just as we are accustomed to answering “one” to the question, How many households in one home?    Nuclear family, nuclear home   But housing demand is elastic, and just as the upper scale of consumption expands when owners are flush with money, […]