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Gaynor Asquith, 1952-2011

14 November, 2011 (11:07) | Consulting, Entrepreneur, Manchester, MEEs, Obituary, Personal, United Kingdom | 4 comments

By:David A. Smith   Too soon gone: Gaynor Asquith   I first met Gaynor Asquith, loyal Mancunian, in a Liverpool jail that had been deemed historic and converted into a restaurant – and if place bespeaks character, this was an apt choice, mixing as it did adaptive reuse, sociability, and a wry sense of implied […]

Recovering the lost urban poor

21 October, 2009 (09:56) | Archeology, Cities, Manchester, Slums | 1 comment

By: David A. Smith Statistics are not stories – but then again, stories are not statistics, and statistics represent the totality of real life. We choose to remember our highlights and lowlights, our moments of intensity – and we choose to forget anything that is drab, commonplace, routine, or redolent of the profane. So, for […]