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Houseless by degrees

22 May, 2012 (10:33) | Bankruptcy, Ecosystem, Education, Homeownership, Households, Housing, Loans, Rental, Student loans |

By:David A. Smith   The deeper one digs into our current massive supply overhang of foreclosed or foreclosing homes, the more causes one finds, unexpected causes.  Beyond the securitization froth, Fannie Mae’s peccadillos and malfeasances, the end of the Baby Boomer Buyer Bulge, or even the Eurozone’s starvation for yield, let’s add another one: a […]

This debtor is no more

30 September, 2010 (11:11) | Capital markets, Default, Fannie Mae, Finance, Freddie Mac, GSEs, Housing, Innovations, Lending, Loans, Rescission, Securitization, US News |

By: David A. Smith   I wish to register a complaint!   Mr. Praline: ‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint! (The owner does not respond.)   As The Wall Street Journal fully realizes, any good vendor knows that if it sells defective merchandise, the customer should be entitled to a refund by returning the […]