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Public nuisance value

3 February, 2015 (10:00) | Boston, Casinos, Cities, Gambling, Land use, Litigation, Martin J. Walsh, Public process, Wynn, Zoning |

By: David A. Smith Actually, that’s just what they are hoping to do No one, least of all the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, could have been surprised when the City of Boston sued the commission; the newsworthy thing would have been not to sue, as implied if not directly reported by the Boston Globe (January 5, […]

Mrs. Pyrrhus’s victory

31 October, 2014 (09:00) | Cambridge, Chapter 93A, Consumer protection, Home improvement, Just-a-Start, Litigation, Nonprofits, Renovation |

Proving that even litigation must eventually end, the legal dispute between Cambridge homeowner Shirley Graham and Cambridge non-profit Just-A-Start Corporation has finally closed; as reported in the Cambridge Chronicle (October 15, 2014): Shirley Graham before her house at 48 Kinnaird Street, Cambridge Just-A-Start cleared in Cambridge lawsuit By Erin Baldassari October 15, 2014 It was […]

‘Til death do us part, and not even then: Part 2, gravesites here all over the place

13 November, 2013 (09:00) | Alabama, Cemetery, Cities, Eminent domain, Housing, Land use, Law, Litigation, Local issues, Property rights, US News, Zoning |

By:David A. Smith   [Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.]   Yesterday’s post introduced us, via a New York Times (October 22, 2013) summary article,  to stubborn faithful James Davis of Stevenson, Alabama, who buried his wife in the couple’s front yard, an action for which he foolishly requested city council permission (when in my view […]

Bad news for bad faith

30 July, 2013 (09:00) | Bankruptcy, CalPERS, Litigation, Pensions, Stockton |

By:David A. Smith   As Stockton goes, so does Detroit?   Entering bankruptcy … follow the lead of those who’ve gone before   Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing, though entirely predictable and fully foreshadowed, will focus public attention because of its political significance (the GM recapitalization, the President’s previous boast of having “refused to let Detroit […]

Month in Review: May, 2013, Part 2: the bad news

19 July, 2013 (09:00) | Apartments, Bonds, Boston, Building Codes, Chapter 93A, China, Consumer protection, Enforcement, Eurozone, Foreclosure, Harrisburg, Litigation, Month in review, Nonprofits, Pensions, Renovation, Spain, Student housing |

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.]   By:David A. Smith   As we saw yesterday, May was a month with quite a bit of good news, though a misanthrope can find human behavior to mock even then, though genuine bitterness and anger are reserved for human folly that compounds human suffering, such as in the Eurozone.  […]