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Urban cleansing

7 June, 2012 (12:08) | Cities, Infrastructure, Istanbul, Markets, Restaurants, Sidewalks, Traffic jams, Turkey, Walkability |

By:David A. Smith   Even as Turkey has announced it will be embarking on dramatic urban regeneration, the government is also shaking up the established order of informality in street usages, and that, as reported by my friend Constanze Letsch in The Guardian, results in immediate displacement and disruption of the economic cryptobiotica:   Bar […]

What makes a city great?

23 June, 2011 (10:32) | Cities, Housing, Istanbul, Slums, Speculation |

By: David A. Smith   How the poor live in it.   Tarlabasi, Istanbul   That flash of insight hit me as I read an original and entertaining Financial Times essay by its architecture and design critic, Edwin Heathcote, who quite properly dismantles the callow mush passing for ‘best of the world’ city livability:   […]