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The room closing in: Part 4, Close down rather than face violations

24 February, 2017 (09:00) | Adulthood, Aging, Apartments, Assisted living, charity, Elderly, Homes, Housing, independence, Innovation, Nursing homes, Regulation, Technology, US News |

By: David A. Smith [Continued from the preceding Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.] So far in this post looking at the first update to nursing home regulations in a quarter of a century I’ve covered three of the five big principles of consumer protection – freedom, choice, and security. Here was another huddling […]

­­Month in Review: December, 2013

17 January, 2014 (09:00) | Children, China, Cities, Detroit, Homes, Housing, Informal, Month in review, Municipal bankruptcy, Slums |

By: David A. Smith   [Previous Months in Review available here: Nov 13,Oct 13, Sep 13, Aug 13, Jul 13, Jun 13, May 13, Apr 13, Mar 13, Feb 13, Jan 13,]   I don’t actually enjoy writing detailed expositions of bad news and human foolishness; reporting hardship and failure and loss is depressing, yet […]

Safe as Houses

12 July, 2013 (12:06) | Building technology, Configuration, Homes, Housing, Innovations, Insurance |

By:David A. Smith   What home we own says a lot about us, and the more we can afford, the more we reveal: the more money we spend making or remaking our home, the more it sheds the conventions of floor plan and purpose, and the more it visually expresses our inner selves.   The […]

Spontaneous communities

6 October, 2005 (15:27) | Homes, Informal, Land use, Primer posts, Slums |

What should we call neighborhoods of self-built homes?   “Well, it was a hole in the ground cuvvered wi’ a sheet o’ tarpaulin, but it was a house to us.” — Rich Yorkshireman, reminiscing over a glass of Chateau La Chassela.   Use and invention always precede standardization and regulation, and so before there was […]