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It’s not the fee, it’s the split

6 July, 2012 (10:09) | Brokers, Consumer protection, Disclosure, Home sales, Homeownership, RESPA, Supreme Court |

By:David A. Smith   Any time we do something infrequently that others do every day, we’re at an information disadvantage that the experts can exploit against us – that is, if they’re unscrupulous.    Don’t judge a crook by his painter? Todd White’s The Unscrupulous   All consumer-protection statutes thus take as their basis the […]

Why are homes price-drop resistant?

30 July, 2006 (10:24) | Home sales, Markets, Speculation |

Compared with other asset classes, single-family homes are remarkably resistant to price collapses; while every now and then prices may scoot up, they very seldom reverse course with anything like the same speed.  (I can’t prove this but am utterly convinced it’s true.)    Homesteaders, early twentieth century   I speculate that the principal reason […]

Homebuying: whom do you trust?

9 June, 2006 (11:01) | Home sales, Homeownership |

Venturing into the unknown is often largely a matter of trust.  True in adventure caving; true in homebuying, as we match up my life with a New York Times story about educating renters:   MARGUERITE WILLIAMS always wanted to own a home in Bridgeport, Conn., the Fairfield County city where she grew up, but it […]