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Subsidy portage, proof of concept

25 August, 2008 (09:34) | Configuration, Henry Hudson, Housing, Innovations, Markets, Tenure, Theory |

If you do something innovative, you should win an award, no?  I’d like to thank the Academy for creating awards so I can win one!   Henry Hudson Townhouses, the property so badly built it had to go somewhere to die, has been reborn as Village Green Apartments, and is up for Best Preservation of […]

A property reborn: Henry Hudson, Glens Falls

3 April, 2008 (09:19) | Henry Hudson, Markets, Tenure, Theory | 1 comment

Sometimes it works.   Sometimes the things we hope to do, and plan to do, actually get done.   If you wanted to rehab this —     — into this —     — how would you go about doing it?   Well, yes, you’d need that too   Aside from a big pile of […]