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Month in review, July 2009

14 August, 2009 (09:40) | Capital markets, GPBO, Innovations, Local issues, Month in review, US News |

[Previous Months In Review available here: Jun 09, May 09, Apr 09, Mar 09, Feb 09, Jan 09]   “The solution is its salesware”   The month’s most important post came halfway through, a mantra I’ve been chanting for years now: The solution is its salesware:   Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said: […]

Great posts by other (GBPO) 02: pyramids, promises, and public transportation

29 July, 2009 (10:06) | Cities, CRA, GPBO, Home asset finance, Innovations, South Africa, Theory, Transportation |

Previous GBPO may be found here:  GBPO 01.]   Continuing our if-the-opportunity-will series of Great Posts By Others (GBPO), here are three more provocative slices of the housing finance world:   Down these mean streets a blogger like Jockin goes   2.1 Business for Development   The site Business For Development [Hat tip: Yousuf Marvi] […]

Great posts by other (GPBO) 01: Introducing a new series

7 July, 2009 (11:13) | Atlantic Yards, Cities, GPBO, Home asset finance, India, Microfinance, Norman Oder, Speculation | 1 comment

Because information wants to be free, blogs are all about sharing, so from time to time I’ll post these potpourri columns of Great Posts By Others, featuring thought-provoking posts and our reactions thereto. We seek out new posts and new inspiration 1.1 Atlantic Yards Report Ever since I first encountered the Atlantic Yard report blog, […]