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Discarding the ornaments

20 June, 2012 (10:14) | Affordable Housing, Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn, Development, Forest City Ratner, Gentrification, Land markets, New York City, Zoning |

By: David A. Smith   When it comes to Atlantic Yards’ excruciating development process, the affordable housing has always been a political ornament – a sparkling bauble prominently featured in the submission, proffered as a reason why the applicant should be given concessions today in anticipation of repaying that with goodies tomorrow.    If you’re […]

Urban housing morality quiz

21 April, 2005 (10:28) | Boston, Development, Gentrification, Neighborhood |

From the ever-reliable Boston Globe comes this tale of urban change that invites a multi-question multiple-choice quiz:   Some Jamaica Plain residents fear that gentrification would cause them to lose neighborhood markets like this one at Centre and Wyman streets, stamping out the area’s unique flavor and pricing out the very people who rebuilt the […]