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Epic CAC

13 November, 2012 (12:38) | Argentina, Bonds, Capital markets, Collective action clauses, Financial instruments, Law, Recapitalization, Sovereign bankruptcy |

By:David A. Smith   You thought you had rights – and then you find they’re worthless, because they’re government obligations and the government is currently in the hands thieves and scoundrels, so you’re out of luck, doesn’t it?    Good for dietary rescission? Maybe not, if a trend spotted by the Economist (November 3, 2012) […]

NNO: Recipe for financial jambalaya

21 February, 2006 (09:52) | Disaster recovery, Financial instruments, New New Orleans, New Orleans |

[New New Orleans posting archive here, with updates here, here, here, here, here, and here.]   Last Friday I skewered the Wall Street Journal’s half-Bakered critique of House Financial Services Committee Chairman Richard Baker’s well-thought-out proposal to extend Federal credit toward the rebuilding of New Orleans.  I finished with a list of the real things […]