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Radical deconcentration

8 November, 2005 (14:24) | Federal funding, Housing, New Orleans, Slums, US News |

Even as Paris suffers through the hideous consequences of malignant income over-­concentration, back home Hurricane Katrina has done what three decades of well-meaning urban social policy could not: it has decisively and permanently deconcentrated poverty from Old New Orleans.   < ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />   < ?xml:namespace prefix ="" st1 />New Orleans public housing, […]

Prescribing New New Orleans, Part 2

27 October, 2005 (14:14) | Federal funding, Government, Multipart posts, New Orleans, Theory |

[Continued from Part 1]   5.         Build in urban mass transit from inception   A healthy city has not only skeleton (streets and major structures), it also has a nervous system (rapid daily people movement): urban mass transit.  Moving people quickly and cheaply between home and work encourages labor mobility and hence a strong and […]